London Art and Artists Guide 13th edition

London Art and Artists Guide 13th edition

Heather Waddell
ISBN 978 09520004 9 5
£14.00   $22,00
Publication Date: April 30th, 2020

Cover photo:Natasha Kissell and Peter Harrap in their studio
Photo © Heather Waddell

London Art and Artist’s Guide 13th edition has been fully updated with all the latest changes in the London contemporary art world and major museum renovations and new buildings. The introduction covers not only all these changes but changes in London as a city, with new areas around the Olympic legacy area in Stratford including the V&A East museum and Near East and other major cultural organisations. There are two interviews with gallerist Charlotte Schepke of Large Glass gallery in north London and with Hester Baldwin of Green & Stone art materials.All the contemporary galleries have been updated, also museums, National institutes, project spaces, art materials’ suppliers, useful art and artist addresses, prizes, scholarships, residencies and more. Collecting photographs is a helpful article and a general introduction to galleriss in different parts of London. The contemporray art galleries are separated from the Old Masters and the Museums section to make it easier for readers.

The general London section covers restaurants, travel, parks, markets, a Multicultural London article and useful information. There are also photos of artists, galleries and London points of interest for readers.



Matt Chivers Interview

London Art and Artists Guide 12th edition

Heather Waddell
ISBN 09520004 8 2
EAN 978 09520004 8 8
£14.00   $22,00
Publication Date: May 2016

Cover photo: Artist Mat Chivers outside the Natural History Museum
Photo © Heather Waddell

The 12th edition of London Art and Artist's Guide gives an angle from an art insider, about how the London art world is changing, as many galleries from the USA, Italy, Switzerland, South Africa, France, Korea have set up branches in London.Art collecting in London is huge business, increased recently due to the influx of wealthy overseas residents who now own properties in London. Gagosian now has three London galleries, Pace, Domnique Levy and Marian Goodman large spaces centrally. Italian galleries include Cortesi, Mazzoleni, Tornabuoni, M&L Art run by three Milan art dealers

and Hauser & Wirth has a Zurich branch as well as London and Somerset galleries.From Paris Luxembourg and Dayan and Almene Rech are flourishing. There has also been an increase in Asian art galleries and Asian Art in London week is now a well-established event. The interviews are with sculptor Laura Ford, artist Mat Chivers( cover photo), art agent and adviser Catherine Loewe and art dealer Piers Feetham, at the front of the guide.

The guide covers all the latest details about London's contemporary galleries, as well as museums and Old Masters galleries, although contemporary art is the flourishing area at present. Photography is also flourishing and Photo London annually in late May is a successful event now as are other art fairs such as Frieze and Frieze Masters, London Art, 20/21, IPad and many more. Artists now have far more outlets for sales of their work and competitions and prizes have increased too.The guide covers all these areas as well as art bookshops, art publishers, print studios, art materials and useful art addresses.

 The London section has a feature on multicultural London, Riverside London and details on parks, markets and the latest restaurants area by area, as well as bars and pubs, also cafés.The photographs in the guide cover all areas of London's art world and general section restaurants and parks.



Laura Ford, sculptor in her studio

Piers Feetham contemporary art dealer at
his gallery near Chelsea Football grounds


London Art and Artists Guide 11th edition
Heather Waddell
97809520004 7 1
362 pages 95 b/w photos Publication date 1st May 2012

The 11th edition of this established pocket art guide has a complete overhaul of London's contemporary art galleries, which have gone through major changes since the 2008/9 world banking crisis. There are many new galleries and some have disappeared. London's Frieze Art Fair in October in Regent's Park has brought a huge influx of wealthy collectors from overseas, especially Russian, Chinese and Middle Eastern collectors, who have then explored other London galleries while in the capital. 20/21 Art Fair. the Affordable Art Fair, Master Paintings, Asian Art week all explore different areas of London/s expanding art world. Interviews are with James Hyman the photography and art dealer in Savile Row, sculptor Peter Randall-Page and artists The Singh Twins. Even museums have expanded, with Chiswick House re-opening,

Strawberry Hill in Twickenham and the V&A has new sections and galleries, as do the National Portrait Gallery, National Gallery and Tate Modern's expansion sees a whole new building the Oil Tanks opening in Phase 1 in 2012, attached on several floors to the current Tate Modern. This houses performnace, film, installations and event spaces.

The London section covers the latest popular restaurants in different areas of London, art eating places, bars, cafés, parks, markets, sports clubs and articles on "the Changing Face of Multicultural London" and "Riverside London" with additions to each article. London's multicultural aspect is one of its most excitingaspects and the cover photo is of Benin artist Romuald Houzamé at the October Gallery near Holborn. The Olympics take place in london in 2012 and the Cultural Olympiad will present arts events across the city. London's expansion due to Olympics buildings in Stratford is creating a whole new are of London in the east end and the art world is thriving in London's east end too.



Peter Randall-Page at the Pangolin Gallery

The Singh twins at the National Gallery


London Art and Artists Guide 10th edition
Heather Waddell
ISBN 0 9520004 6 6
£12.95(UK) $19.95(USA) 18 Euros

The landmark 10th edition of this lively pocket art guide is larger than ever before, as more than 200 new galleries have opened in London in the last two years. There are now nearly 1000 galleries, art project spaces and museums in London and this guide gives details of where to find them and the kind of work they show. The rise of photography in recent years has been reflected with a photography galleries section and an interview with Ben Burdett, photography dealer, Atlas Gallery. James Colman, art dealer has also been interviewed. The artists interviewed are painters Michael Ajerman,Celia Washington, Peter Harrap and Natasha Kissell and printmaker François Pont. The guide has had over 120 reviews over the years by newspapers, art magazines, in-flight magazines and radio stations internationally.

The guide has a useful introduction to the London art world and covers museums, Old

master galleries, contemporary galleries, photography galleries, art material suppliers, art addresses, scholarships, grants, prizes, studios, press contacts, art schools, art bookshops and publishers andeverything you need to know about the London art world.

The London section covers restaurants, parks, markets, travel information in and outside London and overseas. It also has an article about Multicultural London and all the various communities in the city.



Peter Harrap & Natasha Kissell

Michael Ajerman

François Pont

Anthony Caro

Peter Harrap & Natasha Kissell

Michael Ajerman
François Pont
Anthony Caro

Barge at Little Venice Barge at Little Venice

London Art and Artists Guide 9th edition
Heather Waddell
ISBN 0 9520004 58
£10.95(UK) $17.95(USA)

The newly updated 9th edition of this essential pocket art guide is now on sale, covering not only all the useful London art world information but a section at the back with London retaurants, parks, markets and articles on The Changing Face of Multicultural london and Riverside London.The art section has interviews at the front with Matthew Flowers of Flowers East galleries, Danielle Arnaud contemporary art dealer, Grace O'Connor artist (cover photo) and Tove Gambetta de Gilham, artist, also Chris Kewbank of Special Photographers Company next to a feature on Collecting Photographs.London's contemporary art world has undergone a huge expansion in the last five years and all this is covered in the guide.As Sarah Kent of Time Out magazine said," Get one, you will use it continuously."
The art section covers museums, Old Masters and early 20th Century art galleries,

contemporary and 20th century galleries (the largest section with some 150 new galleries added), Nationalcentres and Institutes, photography galleries.Theintroduction, before the interviews,covers all the latest London art world information and news.Other sections cover studios, art addresses, print workshops and galleries,art materials shops, art bookshops, art press contacts, art book publishers, art schools, membership schemes, art scholarships, grants, prizes and awards.



Angela Flowers
Flowers Central gallery

Roland and Tobias Danke
Berlin artists - at the ICA
Danielle Arnaud
art dealer
Terry Frost at his
Royal Academy show

Japanese Gardens
at Holland Park

Interview with Chris Kewbank of the Special Photographers' Company
(an extract)


London Art and Artists Guide 8th edition
Heather Waddell
ISBN 0 9520004 23
£9.95(UK) $16.95(USA)

This useful pocket art guide covers virtually everything you need to know about the London art world: a French writer called it "la bible artistique" and there have been some 100 reviews of the book internationally. 800 art galleries and museums are included divided into Museums, Old Masters and early 20th century art galleries and Contemporary and 20th century galleries, National Centres and Institutes and Photography galleries. Details such as whether artists can apply, what kind of work is shown there and how to get there are included in these sections. Other sections include studios; useful addresses; art schools; art bookshops; press contacts; membership schemes; art materials; print workshops; art book publishers. Interviews with two artists, an art dealer and Tate Modern Director Lars Nittve, an introduction and a feature about new Millennium changes in London are also included.

The London section at the back of the book covers travel and transport in and around London, parks, markets, restaurants area by area and has articles on Riverside London, Hidden Backstreets of Village London and Little Venice to Camden Lock. There are also 5 arts maps at the back.



Prue O'Day with sculpture
by Mario Rossi

Allen Jones with his
sculpture at Chelsea Harbour
Kate Whiteford at
her studio
Christopher Le Brun
in his studio
These photos are cropped. To see the full frame image click on Photo sales and then on each image to enlarge to full frame.


Royal Opera Arcade,
Haymarket, SW1



The Hidden Backstreets
of Village London

(an extract)

The London Art World 1979-99
Heather Waddell
Introduction John Russell Taylor
ISBN 0 9520004 31
£15.00(UK) $19.95(USA)

The London Art World 1979-99 is a personal, photographic diary record of twenty years of the London art world by Heather Waddell to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the London Art and Artists Guide. John Russell Taylor (The Times art critic) has written an illuminating introduction, showing how these photographs are a personal record of who was who and what was what on the London art scene of the 1980s and 1990s. These photographs will be seen in future as a social document, showing how exhibitions have changed over twenty years.



At the station, 1996, by Patrick Corillon. Abracadabra show,
Tate Britain

Sarah Raphael, artist, at her
show at Motcomb Street
Nicholas Serota, Director,
Tate Galleries
Tim Sayer, art collector
These photos are cropped.

"Even putting aside the frequent beauty of these images as images, for anyone who needs to look beyond easy nostalgia and use them as a learning tool, the collection should be a treasure trove indeed."


Francis Graham-Dixon, art dealer; Richard Layzell, artist; and Michael Clarke, art critic

Lars Nittve, Director,
Tate Modern
Zelda Cheatle,
photography dealer
Art dealers David Solomon and Jill Morgan, East West Gallery

(Note: above photos are cropped.)

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